About Acorn Bookkeeping
Acorn Bookkeeping helps you become a better entrepreneur by freeing you up to do what you do best. When your time is tight, we can handle the day to day accounting and bookkeeping tasks so you can take your business to the next level.
We form deep relationships with our clients to really understand how your business works and help you reach your goals all year round. Running a small business isn't a science, it's a craft you practice and hone over time.
Our job is to help you create a solid financial foundation and keep your business moving forward.
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Cherie Klaassen
There's something really great about working with entrepreneurs. Nothing beats the energy and enthusiasm you create when you pour your heart and soul into a business venture. Helping other people refine their ideas, create their story...that's where I come alive.
Here's me in a nutshell: After earning my accounting degree, I worked as a corporate controller for over 10 years and then spent another 15 years at CPA firms. With Acorn, I get to do what I do best. Take all of my knowledge and teach other entrepreneurs how to be more successful.
When it comes time to take a break, you can find me tending to my daffodils in the spring, vegetable garden in the summer, and picking apples in the fall. That's if you can separate me from the lakes I love here in Michigan.
Come share a cup of coffee with me and tell me your story.
Patrick Klaassen
My take is a little bit different, but I have the same love of working with small business owners.
Here's me in a nutshell: I see how everything is connected. For undergrad, I studied Economics at the University of Colorado. After graduating, I spent many years working in project management helping small businesses balance people and financials. 
When the snow flies, you can find me strapping on a pair of skis and hoping the snow never ends. BUT when the snow melts, it's time get on the water and go sailing.
I'd love to hear what makes you come alive.

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